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Association of Youths Healthcare professionals of Nigeria (Ayhpn) exists as a platform for youths healthcare professionals of Nigeria which represents various medical sectors including MBBS,DENTIST,BPTH,PHARMACY,NURSES,BMIT,MLT,BOT,SPEECH THERAPIST,OPTOMETRIST,COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKERS,PUBLIC HEALTH and healthcare providers whom are working together to ensure a better and better healthcare system of Nigeria.AIMS AND OBJECTIVES:To modernize the healthcare system of NigeriaTo offer patients' perspective on services providedTo provide practical support and to help and encourage patients to take more responsibility for their own health.To organize campings/healthcare awareness(seminars)To assist in implementing any changes.To help patients to know what services are available to them YOUTHS!!! ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG TO CHANGE THE WORLD (We are the changers of Healthcare system in Nigeria )